’The Codeum group’

The Codeum group is centred around Codeum A/S who has been a pioneer in the digitization of sports betting. Today Codeum is a leading software developer and service provider to the global betting industry and the corner stone of The Codeum Groups ventures in other start-ups.

The group and its owners have steadily grown from pure ‘betting’ to professional venture, having invested and actively engaged in a very diverse portfolio of approximately 8 start-ups outside the betting industry, ranging in sizes from small ‘seed’ investments to larger investments in mature businesses.

To maintain quality and control as we continue to grow and expand into other business areas, we want to establish a strong ‘shared service’ centre for all daily financial operations across Codeum and our ventures. Starting with this key function as accountant and financial controller to the group.

The title and role


We are looking for an accountant / financial controller who has hands-on experience in all aspects of daily, financial operations and who can work independently and serve as the ‘Chief Accountant’ for both Codeum and its portfolio of companies.

The Chief Accountant will be responsible for

- Accounting (in e-conomic)

- Monthly payroll

- Manage vacation leaves, maternity leaves and other ‘financial HR’

- Quarterly VAT reporting

- Payments in general

- Monthly reporting and budget updates

- One-point-of-contact to external auditors (PwC)

- Prepare and co-ordinate yearly auditing

- Support financial ‘due diligence’ of new ventures

- Ad-hoc ‘projects’

Place of work

Njalsgade 21F, 2300 København S

Colleagues and stakeholders

You will be the first and only to serve this function in the group and report directly to the CEO / owners of Codeum but have the pleasure of the rest of the Codeum team, mainly it developers, and direct contact with the management of our portfolio companies – your ‘internal customers’.

Our expectations

- Quality and consistency in daily operations (accounting, salaries and VAT) across the group

- Timely and efficient reporting and yearly financial audits

- Perceived shared-service and satisfied CEO’s in the portfolio

- Strong independence and ability to fill in and develop the role as the group develops

Terms and benefits

- Fixed salary + bonus

- Flexible contract, 30-37 hours a week

- Flexible hours and up to 2 days a week working from home

Application and deadline

Apply to: kbn@codeum.com

Deadline: 15 august 2019